Culinary explorer, educator, creator and communicator

culinary: pertaining to kitchen or cookery [f. L culina kitchen]

I cannot remember a time when I have not been interested in food. As a young child I delighted in poring over the pictures in my mother’s cookbook and by age thirteen I was regularly cooking family meals. My fascination with food and cookery was undeniably rooted in greed as I liked to eat —a lot. I did not let the ‘sinful’ origins of my curiosity deter me though. I have allowed my culinary instinct and curiosity to guide me throughout my life and it has taken me deeply into another culture ; fostered many friendships; inspired me to write; and given me an incredible education.

In the past I have worked in restaurants waiting tables, managing staff and sampling desserts and drinks; trained as a professional cook; run a canteen, a food cooperative and café and a catering business; fed artists and firefighters; and cooked many many meals for friends.

I currently teach people to cook and work with them to develop a holistic understanding of how culture, politics and economics impact our relationship with food and understand how food marketing often misinforms us; run culinary workshops; speak at events; and create fabulous meals and food adventures for small groups. I am also the author of several books about food history, culture and travel and am currently working on a book about my Anglo-Celtic culinary heritage. I write two blogs: Eating India  and Writing Food, the occasional article and review and develop recipes.

If you would like to hear me speak about my broad and holistic interest in food you can listen to this podcast. Or you can hear me speak about food in Melbourne in the goldrush years on First Bite .

If I can help you with any further information about my work or the services I offer click here  for my contact details. Otherwise please browse this site for information and stories about food as well as great recipes.